Introduction and background

Vudio and video production entails the production of films, documentaries, music, advertisements and other events for the purpose information provision, education and entertainment. As the manufacturing industry is for the production of tangible goods, the audio and video production represents the manufacturing of audio and video items where its intangible output shapes, directs, educates, documents and entertains the human mind and soul. The role of audio and video production in shaping and directing society’s thinking is self-explanatory. `Our perceptions and interactions is mostly influenced by what we see and listen on daily basis. The production of appropriate materials that feeds our ears and eyes and thus our minds are the outcomes of creatively designed and technologically supported videos and audios.

Yonan audio and video production is a private company entrusted with the production of feature and documentary films, music videos, advertisements, event documentations, animations, graphics and sound recordings demanded by public and private organizations. The company intends to bridge the gap on audio-visual production that prevails in Eritrea and aspires to contribute towards the development of the industry. Yonan audio-visual productions was established in 2006 with limited equipment and manpower mainly focusing on the production of music videos and advertisements. The company has been providing an essential contribution in producing music videos and advertisements at high quality and at affordable price serving as bridge to the growth of art and artists in Eritrea. Currently, the company is equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment i.e. computers, video and still cameras, sound and light equipment, and has produced music videos for established and new singers, feature films, documentaries and advertisements for public and private organizations.

The company’s overriding principle is to guarantee quality productions that ensures competitive advantage. To this effect, it aspires to attract a crew with high level of education, skills, experience and technological mastery that can easily capture and assimilate new tools and concepts into the production system. As a result the outcomes and progresses registered in the production of audio-visual products thus far is highly encouraging and has been a motivating factor to continue and remain in business.

Vision statement

Un-bounding the boundaries with audio-visual productions

Vision statement

Producing music videos, feature films and documentaries, advertisement to represent the Eritrean essence with a human soul.

Key values

Creativity: all crew members continually ensure that their individual creativity is alive so as to create freshly original products.
Team work: the company aspires to cultivate strong sense of belongingness and teamwork that enables to exponentially increase the quality.
Respect: all crew members are expected to have the highest possible respect to customers, their colleagues and their profession.

Goal and objectives

The main goal of the company is to produce quality audio-visual products including but not limited to the production of feature films, documentaries, music videos, advertisements, event documentations, animations, graphics, and sound recordings. Specific objectives include
  • Produce quality assured audio-visual products at affordable price
  • Offer on the job training and upgrade manpower related with audio-visual productions
  • Expand markets for audio-visual productions to include regional and global outlets

Organizational structure